Our senior therapist Robbie has been treating clients since 2009 and his love for massage stemmed from many years on the table as a patient before that.  With a strong knowledge base in Exercise Science, Robbie’s ability to customise a treatment based on your presenting condition is second to none.  He has worked extensively with patients suffering conditions associated with chronic pain and illness, pre and post-operative patients and other varying pathologies that result in restricted movement and subsequent pain.  Being a very active and keen athlete himself, Robbie also prides himself on getting athletes of all levels ready for any level of competition, ranging from the elite level to the grassroots local level.

Robbie prides himself on a holistic treatment approach and will work with you to ensure that the cause of the issue is worked through, to reduce the symptomatic problems you may be experiencing.  This may involve a blended treatment of soft tissue massage, stretching, Chinese myofascial cupping and trigger point therapy to name a few.  Please don’t hesitate to speak with Robbie when you come in to discuss further what will work best for you.