Another year is almost over and we are all careering into the silly season at a great rate of knots!  So what better way to welcome December than by having me give my top 10 musings on things you might consider throughout the festive period!

  1. Check out the hinterland, from Northern NSW through to Tamborine. We have so many amazing places to visit.  Pack the picnic basket, esky and blanket and go exploring.

  2. People come to the Gold Coast for their holidays.  If you’re staying local, the beaches are first class.  Stay between the flags.  Slip slop slap.  Remember, if its not on, its not on!

  3. Sing your heart out at Christmas Carols.  Rudolf and Frosty have earned their stripes over the years and it is their time to shine in December.  If you have Mariah’s All I want for Christmas on CD, hide it!

  4. Christmas lights – just get in the car and go for a drive, the smiles are worth it!

  5. If you can peel prawns, make sure you make yourself scarce before serving time for Christmas lunch.   Sidenote – remember bin day if prawns are on the menu!

  6. Get into the spirit.  Pop the bon bon’s at lunch and tell the bad dad jokes, find a use for the little toy and wear the crown hat which may or may not fit your head…

  7. If you can, on Boxing Day, set up 2 TV’s to make sure you don’t miss the first ball of the Boxing Day Test and the start of the Sydney to Hobart.  It’s Ashes time and we know the first ball will be a loosener outside of off stump, but you have to watch it be sent down in front of a full house at the MCG.  Sydney to Hobart isn’t quite the race that stops a nation but it still brings out the ‘experts’ as to whose boat looks fastest and who will be first around the headland.  Tune in to both with something cold and refreshing and ideally, a token Englishman.  

  8. Play bocce, cricket, golf.  Make sure you show your kids, nephews and nieces just how good you are.  It is a must that it involves plenty of banter and refreshments along the way.

  9. Never stop making the annual promise to cousins that more frequent catch ups are needed next year…despite full well knowing you will be having the same conversation in 12 months’ time!

  10. Lastly, be grateful. Always. The days in an around Christmas can be a headache for some of us. Lots of driving, family you may not see eye to eye with.. But the reality of life, as I have learnt this year, is that it can all be taken away from you in an instant. Tell or at least show those that you love how much you care about them. Create memories. Share smiles. Laugh often.

Wishing everyone a very safe and enjoyable festive period!